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The Print

The Print

Producer : Climax Films (Olivier Rausin)

Written by Pascal Adant
Fantasy thriller

Language : English, French, Italian
120 minutes

With the support of Wallonie-Brussels Federation and Media

Frank is a genius photographer who has the ability to reveal the full potential of photographic negatives. Clara, an Italian historian, wonders what Frank might reveal if he photographed the Shroud of Turin. But conservative Catholics Church try everything to stop the project ...

Director statement

The profound relationship between art and religion has given birth to prodigious works, and the Holy Shroud of Turin, renowned for its mysterious image attributed to Jesus Christ, is no exception. I wanted to make a film about photography, and the Shroud of Turin immediately came to mind because many consider it to be a photographic negative.

The theme of exploitation, trafficking, and theft of artworks is present in THE PRINT. The influence of the work, the ideas it conveys, etc., are sources of conflict and reasons to divert works from the public, or even make them disappear forever. The theme of the struggle between religions and science, the opposition between tradition and progress, is also explored.

In this film, I want to talk about the power of art, its emotional impact, its ability to transcend the viewer's mind, and transpose this theme into a captivating and rhythmic film that blends suspense, intrigue, and mystery, while subtly intertwining purely fictional events with authentic and verifiable historical facts.

I am convinced that THE PRINT fully fits our time, as we are in a global context of radicalization and also of rejection, by some, of religion as the unnecessary but principal vector of the violence that the world undergoes.

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