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Producer : าสกร Adant (Sogny Films)

Starring Mathilde Daffe, Caroline Donnelly

Written by าสกร Adant

Language : English
Completion date : 2021

10 minutes

During Covid-19 pandemic, a student doctor struggling financially cannot focus on study. She must quickly find a way to pay her bills

Director Statement

"All student or newly graduated actresses I met during the casting process of Phenomenon were very concerned about the theme of the movie, because each of them knew at least one schoolmate, male or female, who turned to sex work or considered to do it to pay for school. There is no problem with sex workers who love their job and choose to do it, but in this case they’re being forced to do it through an absolute lack of money because they can’t find part-time work in hospitality and retail sectors. As a result of the Covid pandemic, many have been affected by a loss of income, as well as diminishing financial support from their parents due to the worsening economy. I realized more than ever that it’s important to talk about it".

Mathilde Daffe
Mathilde Daffe
Mathilde Daffe
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