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Sunflower Seed

Sunflower Seed

Producer : Olivier Rausin (Climax Films)

Starring Gaetan Wenders, Francoise Oriane, Fabrice Boutique, Chloe Petit

Written by Pascal Adant

Cinematography : Vincent "Max" Fauvelle
Period biographical

Language : French, Walloon
Completion date : 2013

18 minutes

With the support of the Wallonie-Brussels Federation, the DGAC of Hainaut Province

June 1880. Since a year and a half, Vincent van Gogh shares the hardships of the Borains, the inhabitants of an area of Wallonia in Belgium. Depressed, he finds comfort in drawing. But day after day, he retreats more and more into silence and solitude. At the lowest, he realizes that, in opposition to the pontiffs that excommunicated him, the people gives him an overwhelming support. In front of his house, a sunflower seed sports after he sowed it by chance. His vocation as a painter becomes obvious.

Gaetan Wenders
Françoise Oriane
Fabrice Boutique
Van Gogh
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