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Ling's Diary

Producer : Hubert Toint (Saga Films), Michel Houdmont (Signature Films)

Written by Pascal Adant
War drama

Language : English, Japanese, Chinese, German
120 minutes

With the support of Media

Hiroshima, 1945. Ling is a young Chinese clandestine refugee who flees the Japanese Imperial Army. Franz is a German businessman living in Japan who has become persona non grata since the surrender of Germany. Toru, a Japanese industrialist, participates in the war effort against the Allies and continues to believe in the victory of his country.
These three characters from different backgrounds and cultures must coexist as best as they can. Then the Americans drop the atomic bomb on the city...

Ling's Diary is a live action film punctuated by scenes in ink wash 2D animation (90% live action - 10% animation)

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